Cover Letter Recipe for Success

Picture this. A hiring manager walks into his office one Monday morning and there in the center of his desk is a stack of unread mail. He knows what’s ahead of him—based on what he received last week and the week before that­­––job search cover letters that are poorly written, unclear, and just plain boring. He feels a headache coming on and reaches for an aspirin!

But once again he thumbs through them, hoping at least one of the letters will catch his interest enough to contact the job hunter for an interview. If you want to be the one he calls, then commit now to writing a cover letter that will grab his attention.

Here is a recipe for cover letter success.

Step #1:           Create a one-page cover letter. Period.

Step #2:           Leave plenty of ‘white space’ around the writing so it’s easy to read.

Step #3:           Include three paragraphs: (1) Introduce yourself and your qualifications and experience; (2) state your interest in the job; (3) request an interview.

Step #4:           Write only three sentences per paragraph for quick scanning.

Step #5:           Use action verbs and short sentences. Example: As assistant manager I identified and resolved employee conflict quickly.

Step #6:           End your letter with a polite ‘thank you’ for taking the time to read your letter.

Many job seekers overwhelm the hiring manager with a slew of words that runs two or three pages. They go on and on about themselves and use convoluted language that requires a dictionary. Pursuant to said job description I am corresponding with you today in order to attract your interest in my qualification for stated job for which you are interviewing prospective job searchers. Hiring managers don’t have time for pretentious appeals for a job. They want to hire down-to-earth individuals who are willing to work hard, take their responsibilities seriously, meet deadlines, communicate well with others, and carry out the company mission.

You’ll want the hiring manager to sit up and notice how different your cover letter is from those in the pile he’s already rejected.

Invest Now to Win the Job You Want

You have only one chance to make a good impression and to communicate your intention and desire to fill the job opening. Make it count by following the recipe for cover letter success above.

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