Job Interview Articles

A Job Interview Tip You Can Use Today

The most helpful job interview tip you'll ever read is this. Research the company and the personnel before you meet the hiring manager. Never go into an interview without being fully prepared to talk about the organization, its mission, the job you’re targeting, and the requirements you’ll be asked to fulfill if you are offered the position.

Of all the job interview tips you can read in books, articles, or on the Internet, this one will work in your favor more than any other. Why? Because the material you gather will show the employer that you are attentive to facts, aware of the importance of knowing what the job is about, and astute to what is going on around you. In other words, you ‘get’ what is expected of the employees of this company.

Achievements and Accomplishments Count

Once you know what the organization is all about you'll be better prepared to talk about how you can be a good fit for the job opening. You'll speak with ease regarding your past and current achievements and accomplishments and how they relate to what the new job requires. Don’t be afraid to 'toot your horn' a bit - just enough to attract the employer’s interest so he'll know that you are someone who performs successfully for the good of the company as a well as for personal satisfaction.

Seal the Deal With Professionalism

Another aspect of this key job interview tip is the impression you'll want to make when you walk into the interview room or office. In addition to knowing details about the company, know yourself, as well. Don’t take for granted the importance of your personal appearance. Just as you share your knowledge of the job you're interviewing for, the hiring manager is assessing you as a person, by your grooming and presentation. Keep in mind that it only takes a second to make a good impression - or a poor one. So it's up to you how you'd like to be remembered when you leave the room. Therefore, dress professionally - as you would for any special occasion - with a pressed shirt, slacks, and sport coat for men, a dress or pants suit for women. Even if the code is casual, you'll still be appropriate. Once you're hired you can down-dress a bit according to the example of other employees.

Job Interview Tips Are Money in the Bank

Now that you know the most important job interview tip, you can make use of others too. Landing the job you want becomes a lot easier when you approach the interview with confidence, clarity, and commitment - all of which is possible when you’re armed with excellent job interview tips.