Job Interview Articles

Achieve Success in the Job Interview Process

When you walk into the hiring manager's office or conference room, you are entering the job interview process. It consists of a series of steps the decision maker will take you through before he or she decides whether or not you’re the best candidate for the open position.

The job interview process, by definition, is designed to test you in ways that help the hiring manager discover your skills and abilities in the areas related to the job he or she wants to fill. Although you may enjoy some 'small talk' when you are getting acquainted with the employer, this is simply a warm-up to what is to come. Therefore, be prepared to talk with confidence about your talent as it relates to doing the job you hope to win.

Speak Up!

If you are financially inclined, good with customers, excellent at repairing machinery, or training sales people, be sure to speak about how you enhanced the companies you've worked for by putting these skills into practice. Also talk about the results you achieved that put the company, its managers and its employees in a better place that they were before you worked there.

Know What the Hiring Manager Wants

Keep in mind that your personality, communication and leadership style, people skills and ability to react with wisdom in a crisis, will all be evaluated as a part of the job interview process. The job interview process may vary somewhat from one hiring manager to the next, but the essentials are the same. Every manager is looking for a person of quality, skill, experience, and discernment. That you can be sure of.

Plan Your Job Interview Process Strategy

To get an idea of the style of the interview process you will face, spend time researching and asking questions beforehand. Ask someone at the target company what you can expect. Someone in the personnel department may be more than willing to help you with that. Then, to prepare for the questions you’ll be asked, read the job description and job advertisement to find out what duties and results the job requires.

Take charge of the job interview process in a positive way by preparing yourself to show, with real-life examples, how and why you meet all the job requirements of the job. An effective to do this is to tell stories with examples from your work life prior to this interview. If you can navigate the in-person portion of the job interview process then you are in a strong position to finish it with success.