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Ask These Questions For a Successful Job Interview

You may be curious about the best questions to ask for a job interview. You're not alone. This can be a dilemma. However, it's one you can solve by focusing on the practical. Put yourself in the hiring manager's chair and consider what you'd want to hear from a prospective employee.

They may include:

  • What traits are you looking for in the person you hire?
  • What are some of the performance and leadership skills you'd like to see?
  • What is required of employees in terms of carrying out the company mission?
  • Does the company provide training for those who wish to advance?
  • Do you offer opportunities for employees to exercise authority in a crisis?

Make a personal list of questions for job interview that give the hiring manager a chance to see what drives you, what you're interested in, and how you hope to contribute to the company. You can get clues about what to ask next by listening carefully to his or her responses to the questions you do ask.

Also, be sure to share some of your past job-related experiences to illustrate how you can fit into the organization and contribute to its success and reputation.

Stay Focused

Arrive at the interview armed with examples that not only speak to the questions you plan to ask, but all show the hiring manager the direction of your inquiries. In other words, he or she can pick up not only information about the kind of person you are but also what kind of an employee you'd be for the company.

Don't be shy about speaking up when you have a real-life illustration that points to a practical, on-the-job application of the employer's response to one of your questions. Suppose you ask about opportunities for advancement. The hiring manager states that yes, most openings for management positions generally come from within. That could be the perfect time for you to mention that in your previous employment you moved from Assistant Product Manager to Product Manager when you increased the company revenue due to unprecedented product sales during a slump in the economy.

It's Never Too Late to Ask For What You Want

Questions for a successful job interview can make the difference between talking about the job and actually being offered the job! Which one appeals most to you?