Job Interview Articles

The Best Answers to Job Interview Questions

You might be tempted to impress a potential employer by memorizing an answer to a job interview question you believe you’ll be asked, or by jotting down replies using clever vocabulary. If that strategy is on your mind, it would be best to drop it and to focus instead on being yourself. A person can tell at a glance when an interviewee is trying to be something he or she is not. In that case responses to questions sound forced, fake, and phony. The last thing you want to do is come across in an inauthentic way. Imagine what a challenge it would be to hold up this image each day in the workplace, if somehow you were to get the job.

In the end, the best answers to job interview questions are the simple, straightforward ones that speak the truth in a spontaneous way in keeping with your personality. When preparing for job interview questions, consider the broad topics that relate to the job you want to win. Think about the questions you’d ask if you were the interviewer. You’d probably ask for examples of what the job candidate did in his or her previous employment. You’d want to hear stories of problems solved, results achieved, and experiences that helped the company grow and expand and earn greater profits. Bring these to mind when the questions begin.

Help Yourself!

Some job seekers think of themselves as victims of a job search because they don’t know what to expect and they approach the opportunity with fear. But you don’t have to fall into this trap. The men and women who interview job seekers are human beings just like you. They are simply doing their job just as you hope to be hired to do yours. So help yourself by doing what makes the most sense. Arrive at the interview well prepared to have a conversation where you speak and listen as well as answer questions and ask some of your own. You can also help the hiring manager by coming across as a person of good will, interest, passion for the work, and someone with innovative thinking and ideas that will add to the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Also consider consulting with people in your social network who are familiar with the company you’re interested in. They may have the most valuable information of all regarding assessing a clear picture of the challenges and achievements the company faces and is known for.

Toot Your Own Horn - Without Blaring

Remember, instead of memorizing canned answers, speak from your heart, providing a mix of personal experience related to the job you’re seeking and examples of what you can do to enhance the position if you’re hired. And it’s all right to talk about your own accomplishments. You can do so in a clear and convincing way that expresses your confidence without sound cocky. Honesty during an interview, as is most areas of life, is the best policy.