Job Interview Articles

The Best Job Interview Advice Yet!

It's no secret. The best job interview advice you'll receive is this: be yourself. Avoid pretending to be someone you're not. In other words, passing on information about your skills and experience that are at most an exaggeration and at the least, an outright lie, you'll ruin your reputation and cancel any chance of landing the job you're seeking. Interviewers can see through such fluff and will discount you on the spot.

Remaining True Blue

Being true to yourself, however, gives the employer a look at you as a person as well as you as a professional. Of course that does not mean you can simply wing the interview. You must prepare for that meeting as you would for any other important event in your life. In fact, the better prepared you are, the more confident you'll feel and the more authentic you'll appear to the hiring manager.

Covering Your Bases

Once you've committed to being true to yourself, you'll be in a position to research the company to see if you're a good fit for position you're seeking. Never appear for an interview without knowing the basics of the company—its mission statement and goals, products and services, and employee relations and benefits.

It's also important to know what the employer is expecting of the people he or she hires. You can find some or all of this information on the company web site, by talking to current or previous employees, and by studying the job description of the position and the advertisement for it.

Show Your Skills

What attributes and achievements do you have that compare favorably with the qualities the target position requires? Almost anyone you speak with about how to prepare for an interview will offer this job interview advice. Find ways to link what you know about the job in question with what you know about your own abilities. Employers want specific examples so they can decide for themselves if you are the one to assume that position. They will ask questions related to past performance so be prepared with real-life examples.

If you've done your homework, behave in a believable manner, walk into the meeting room with confidence and enthusiasm, and a commitment to telling the truth, you will have an excellent interview—one that might result in a job offer.