Job Interview Articles

Come Prepared With Job Interview Questions You Want to Ask

It's important to arrive at your interview with a few job interview questions you'd like to ask. Of course you need to answer the questions the hiring manager asks you, but then your turn will come. At the end of your time together, he or she may say, "Do you have questions about the company or this job?"

That's your cue to pull out your notes if you're nervous or don't have the questions memorized. Keep in mind that this is not the time, however, to ask about salary, benefits, and vacation weeks! That will come later. Right now you want to focus on the items that are related to the work you'll be doing for the company if you get hired. Examples:

  • What is the start date for this position?
  • In my current employment my duties include (fill in the blank). How does the workday here compare with that?
  • I noticed in the job description the company boasts opportunities for advancement within the existing personnel. What has been your experience in this area?
  • I like knowing there is room for leadership in the job you've described. I have some ideas for expanding the sales territory. When would it be appropriate to talk about that—in the even I'm hired?

. . . and so on. Think about the specific job you're being interviewed for and the company's goals, and then formulate your questions accordingly. Each job candidate will have his or her own preferences.

Express Your Enthusiasm

It is essential to present your job interview questions with enthusiasm. Some job seekers are too laid back, perhaps giving the impression they're disinterested, wary, or protective. Avoid this if you can. Show the hiring manager that you are eager to be part of the company and to land this particular job, but do so without looking desperate.

Remember, you have something valuable to offer the organization or you wouldn't have been offered the interview in the first place. Keep up your confidence and show the hiring manager why you're the one for the job. You can do this without being pushy or reticent. Good job interview questions will work for you if you plan them ahead of time and make sure they are well focused on the topic of the job you want.

Remain Optimistic

You are in the running for the job right up to the end. Nothing is final until the decision is made to fill the opening. Therefore, you have a chance. Good job interview questions just may make the difference between being hired and being passed over!