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Common Job Interview Questions: And How To Answer Them

Among the most common job interview questions are those that focus on information about your technical ability and skills, how you interact with people in your workplace, and your attitude and personality. The interviewer may present them with either an open-ended approach, which will require an extensive response, or a close-ended one that you might be able to take care of in just a few words.

Asking your opinion about a subject, or how you would handle a crisis or problem among co-workers will also be on the list of the most common job interview questions. Sometimes the job seeker is asked to resolve a hypothetical situation to see if he or she can think fast and respond with sound leadership. Obviously you can't memorize answers to questions you're unsure of, or even anticipate all the questions that will come your way, but there are a few principles you can put into practice before any job interview.

Principle #1:

Focus on preparing information that you can apply to a variety of common job interview questions. This would include having on hand several real-life examples of your behavior at your most recent employment that will illustrate your ability, skills, and supervisory talent.

Principle #2:

Find out the key characteristics the company managers are looking for in the people they hire. Then recall times in your work and personal history where you have displayed them. Let the hiring manager know this during the interview in a way that gives him or her a reason to pay close attention to you—in a positive way. For example, you may have excellent organization skills and part of the job description is to set up and lead an employee meeting once a month. Be sure to bring up that skill during the interview and provide an example of how you used it in your previous place of employment with success.

Principle #3:

Prepare first-hand examples in order to answer common job interview questions with clarity and ease. If you are asked about your technical skills, leadership history or employment passions, remember that a personal story will bring your answer to life and prepare you more effectively for the job.

The more you share your job-related successes, the more prepared you will be to answer with confidence any number of common job interview questions.