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Don't Forget to Write a Thank you Note After the Job Interview

There are few things that mean more to a hiring manager than receiving a thank you note after a job interview. So keep that in mind and make writing such a note one of your top priorities after leaving his or her office.

Many job seekers know how important it is to take this action, but they often forget about it unless they take time to do so immediately - at least within twenty-four hours.

After you leave the office there will be dozens of other people interviewing for the same job you're interested in. How will you be remembered? Not easily unless you put your name forward. One of the best ways to do this is to express yourself in a thank you note after the job interviews you've completed.

Add Something Extra

In addition to expressing your appreciation, it would be wise to tuck in a small information-type gift - something that shows you were paying attention to the details while being interviewed. For example, suppose you noticed photos or a painting on the wall with a horse or fishing theme or you saw a trophy for tennis or golf on a shelf in the hiring manager's office.

That would be a clue to his or her hobby or passion. Imagine how nice it would be then, to receive a reference to that interest in the job seeker's thank you note after the job interview. You could add an article you read, mention of something you saw on the Internet, the name of a conference or convention related to the hobby, etc.

For example, one job seeker noticed a knitted blanket/throw on the back of the sofa in the hiring manager's office. The women talked about their mutual interest in knitting. The job seeker then sent a notice about a knitting convention in her city. The hiring manager wrote back thanking her for her thank you note and the information! You can see such a gesture worked for both individuals.

The Gift that Gives and Gives

Keep in mind that we are not talking about trying to schmooze the hiring manager or bribe him or her. You are offering a small gift of information. But at the same time you are building a relationship with that person and showing by your action that you are kind, thoughtful, and trustworthy. These characteristics are important to any job and they are among the ones employers look for in the people they want to hire to fill the open positions in their company. You can be one of them!