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Dressing for a Job Interview Is Easy!

Many job seekers worry more about dressing for a job interview than about the interview itself. They wonder if they should buy a new suit or dress or consult a personal shopper. They want to look their best, of course. But no one has to go to such extremes or additional expense.

The interview after all, is about you, not your clothing. However, dressing for a job interview is important. You don't want your appearance to detract from the business at hand. Therefore, plan to wear a conservative yet professional outfit that includes a tie and sport coat for men and a business-style pants suit or dress and jacket for women.

But it doesn't stop there. Be appropriate with your jewelry and accessories so you won't appear flamboyant or flashy. Your clothing should support you as a person, not make a fashion statement. Save your favorite fun outfit for the celebration after you receive the job offer!

Scents That Make Sense

Keep in mind that many men and women have allergies to perfumes, lotions, etc., so forget those for one day. Soap and water is all you need.

Take a Shine to Your Shoes

Look over your footwear. Sometimes we forget that people notice that part of our dress, as well. Scuffed toes, dusty loafers, or heels that are worn down catch a person's eye. So take a few minutes to polish your shoes or wipe them clean, depending on the surface material. Small details matter a lot.

Avoid Bangles and Baubles

Clanging or hanging jewelry that can catch on fabric or take the interviewer's eye off of you should be put aside until the interview is over. For women, conservative earrings and a simple necklace, pin, or scarf works best. And men, a nice wristwatch is all you need. Women may want to wear a watch as well.

Putting it All Together

When you get down to it, dressing for a job interview really is easy when you know what to expect and what you're doing. Now you do, so just do it.