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Get Ready for a Great Nursing Job Interview

Performing well during a nursing job interview is the best way to be considered for a top-notch nursing job. Knowing the field of health care and the demands it makes on industry professionals will be important to a successful meeting with hospital or clinic hiring managers.

Such individuals will be looking for people who not only have nursing skills and a credential or degree from a recognized institution, they will also be interested in seeing men and women with leadership skills who can handle the various challenges that are an inherent part of nursing.

Show Your Humanity

Nursing job interviews give you the chance to talk about your professional skills, your compassion for patients, your willingness to take direction from your superiors, and your ability to exercise authority as necessary. In other words you'll be presenting yourself in a well-rounded way, as a trained pro and as a human being.

To help with this aspect of the nursing interview, talk with other nurses who work in the field you're interested in. Find out about their experience and ask for pointers on what to do that could win you favor.

Review Potential Questions

What kinds of questions might you face? Find out a few from other nurses who have gone before you. Then plan a few story/experiences that illustrate the answers. For example, the interviewer might want to know how you'd handle a patient who became unruly or attempts to abuse you. Have you had experience with this? If so, share the incident and how you resolved it.

Prepare for the Actual Interview

Dress appropriately. Arrive ahead of time so you can be relaxed when you're called into the meeting room. Carry a few notes with you to help you focus on the questions and the answers you've prepared, as well as the true stories that illustrate your answers.

Walk in with a smile and a firm handshake and then share your best professional self, confident that the right outcome is yours and the job you want is just around the corner because you've displayed yourself as a nurse who is caring, competent, and compassionate.