Job Interview Articles

Great Answers to Job Interview Questions

Giving fabulous answers to job interview questions is not a matter of luck or destiny. It's a matter of doing your ‘homework’ to the best of your ability, which includes preparing and practicing so that when you walk into the interview room or office you’ll feel confident and at ease.

First, take time to list the kind of questions that are likely to be asked. Typically, they will cover your job qualifications, your goals for the future, your skills and abilities, as well as your personality traits.

Of course it will be important to know the mission and policy of the company you hope to work for. Find out all you can by visiting the organization’s web site and reading any pertinent documents so you will be fully equipped and up to date when you arrive at the interview.

Speak Up With Examples

Great answers to job interview questions always include real life examples. In other words, be ready to share a particular experience you had that illustrates your sales ability or leadership qualities, or talent for handling a crisis without a meltdown.

The more the interviewer learns about you as you answer his or her job interview questions, the better your chance of landing the job. Hiring managers are looking for people who respond in a down-to-earth manner to situations that affect men and women in the workplace. So avoid answering questions in a vague or theoretical manner. Be as specific as you can be. Engage the emotions and be authentic.

Respond to Personal Questions With Candor

What would be a great answer to a personal question? One that is honest, warm, human, and even humorous, where appropriate. For example, you might show how you handled a sticky situation, how you stepped up and took authority over a crisis, how your talent for making people laugh helped smooth over a conflict that might have escalated into an argument if you had not stepped in and helped the parties reach a more balanced point of view.

When a hiring manager sees that you are a living, breathing, hard-working, and honest human being who is willing to be a team player and one who keeps deadlines, has integrity on the job, and will go the extra mile when necessary, then you are someone he or she will want to hire—maybe even on the spot.