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Great Tips On Dressing For a Job Interview

Some job seekers ignore the topic of dressing for a job interview because they believe there is more important information to concentrate on than what you wear. To some extent this is true. A job interview is not a fashion opportunity! However, it is also true that you have only about ten seconds to make a good impression. Therefore, your clothes and how you wear them count more than you might think.

You don't have to run out and purchase a new outfit unless you want to. A job interview simply requires simple, clean, clothing that would be suitable for a professional business environment - unless you are interviewing for a job that requires a uniform or casual clothes because of the kind of work being done - such as paining or child care, etc.

Even then, however, it's wise to show up for the interview looking neat and professional. That means a coat and slacks for men (and in some situations a tie, as well) and a skirt and blouse or pants suit for women. Low-heeled pumps or flats and modest jewelry that does not distract will complete a woman's outfit. You may prefer stilettos but you'll not want to chance tripping on a carpet or step or losing your balance.

Colors and Scents

Choose soft neutral colors that don't draw attention away from the conversation, the questions and answers, or your personality. Remember that your first point to consider is making a favorable impression so you will be considered for the job opening - not for a line-up of fashion models - unless that is the work you're interviewing for!

When dressing for a job interview keep in mind that some people are sensitive to perfumes, after-shave lotions, and hair spray. Avoid wearing any at all that day or apply it several hours ahead of the interview so it will be less potent when you arrive.

Good Grooming

The main thing to be concerned with is neat and clean grooming—pressed clothing, shoes without scuff marks, moderate makeup for women, appropriate hairstyle, and so on.

When you're dressing for a job interview take a moment to look yourself over and have a friend or relative take a glance too. It's worth investing a little time in your appearance so when you walk into the interview you'll be at your best, look your best, and feel your best ready to talk about the job you're there to secure.