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How to Dress For A Job Interview Today

You might be wondering how to dress for a job interview. Does it require anything special? In a way, yes. You don't have to go out and buy a new outfit but you do need to pay attention to what you select for that important meeting.

For example, do you have a particular outfit you like to wear because it makes you feel good? Maybe it comes in your favorite color or fabric and you receive compliments on it every time you wear it. Nothing wrong with that! However, if you're thinking about wearing it to a job interview you may need to think again.

Company Standards

Of course there will be various standards of dress for various companies and work environments. Someone working in construction would not wear a suit and tie. And someone working in retail sales would not wear gardening clothes!

Therefore, it's essential when planning how to dress for a job interview to give some thought to the work itself, the company, and the type of clothing you've observed in other employees or picked up from the literature you read about the company.

Make a Good First Impression

Consider the impression you wish to make. Select clothing that is one notch above what might be appropriate for the job itself. For instance, if the environment is business casual for the employees, men should appear at an interview in a business suit and tie or slacks and sport coat and a tie. Women might choose an attractive pants suit or skirt, blouse, and jacket. Keep in mind that people judge each other by what they see at a glance. So when you think about how to dress for a job interview today, be sure you are current in your apparel and appropriate in your manner of presentation. No flashy, dangling jewelry, loud colors, or distracting patterns. Keep your attention where it belongs—on the job you wish to land.

Some Extras

Another thing to consider regarding how to dress for a job interview is perfume and colognes. Some people are allergic to fragrances so avoid having a problem by skipping them, focusing instead on the clean scent of soap and water that lingers after a shower.

The most important aspect of how to dress for a job interview is the person beneath the clothing. Make sure you show up being yourself - ready and willing to discuss the job, your ability to do it, and your willingness to be an excellent employee.