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How to Prepare For a Job Interview - That Wins!

In one sense it takes years to prepare for a job interview, because your life experiences, talents, educational history, and career choices all play a vital part in how you will come across to the hiring manager. In another sense, it takes only a few days or weeks because during this time period you will focus on the practical steps that include company research, planning for questions you’ll be asked, rehearsing your responses, and getting yourself ready in terms of attentiveness and attitude.

Preparing for job interviews is nothing less than a full-time commitment mentally and emotionally. By using your social network, the description of the job you saw in the venue where the position first came to your attention, the organization’s web site, and any publications featuring articles about the business, you should come up with a pretty fair idea of what it will take to prepare for a job interview with one of the managers or other hiring personnel

List What You Have To Contribute

After you research the company, there is one more step to take before you walk into the interview room. And that step for how to prepare for a job interview that wins is one that involves making a bulleted list in your mind and on paper detailing your experience, skills, knowledge, and personality - everything you need to display in order to convince the hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate for the target position.

Typically, this means being able to talk calmly about situations and events where you faced challenges but were able to resolve them for the good of the company and for your fellow employees. It will be important to be as specific as possible. Instead of saying, "I settled a dispute among co-workers," give details. "I held a meeting of my team, aired their grievances about the announcement that no one would receive a raise this quarter, and together we talked through the fact that we were fortunate to have jobs during this economic crunch, we'd continue to do our best, and look forward to a future reward. We then took up our duties again and the day went smoothly."

Not As Daunting As It May Seem

As you consider how to prepare for job interviews, keep in mind that the task need not be in reality as threatening or scary as it may seem when you think about it. The interviewer is mostly interested in whether or not you can fill the job in a way that will work for the company and that you can get along respectfully with co-employees and management. If you're certain of your aptitude for the job and your attitude about it, then you’ll be able to answer satisfactorily any number of questions the interviewer could ask.