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How To Write Amazing Job Interview Letters

Most job seekers know that writing a job interview letter shortly after finishing the interview is the right thing to do. It is always proper to say 'thank you' in writing when someone has taken time to speak with you, consider you for a job, and given you reason to be hopeful about landing employment. But that’s also a problem! Most know it, but not all do it. Or of those who do, it is a perfunctory experience. They write or email a short note saying the minimum: Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed today. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Jack (or Jill) Job Seeker.

Stand Out From the Crowd

You, however, can set yourself apart by writing a job interview letter that's a bit different than the average one. It requires gathering some information, which you can do during the interview itself. Pay attention as you chitchat with the employer, noting his or her interests, hobbies, passions, and talents. Maybe the two of you share a love for travel, or golf, or handcrafts, or cooking. Whatever it is, make a mental note of it and then put it on paper as soon as you leave the interview.

Include a Gift in Your Letter

This doesn't mean sending candy or flowers or tickets to a baseball game. It means referring to that common interest in the letter itself and perhaps adding a bit of information that relates to it. For example, one professional writer interviewed for a job with a publishing company. The hiring manager expressed an interest in the writer’s necklace and bracelet. The writer noted that. Then in her job interview letter following the meeting, she sent her thanks along with a web site featuring the jewelry the woman had admired. This seemingly small, but thoughtful gesture, is just the kind of thing the interviewer will remember and take into consideration when selecting someone to hire. In other words, one’s professional qualifications are essential, but there’s nothing like the personal touch to show the kind of individual you are––thoughtful, attentive, and caring.

Stay in Touch

Adding a 'gift' to your post job interview letters is a sure way to catch the employer’s interest and to hold his or her attention during the selection phase. By saying thank you in this unique way, you create a bond of appreciation between the two of you. One job seeker sent the employer a chocolate bar with the words THANK YOU stamped onto the top of the bar. A few days later he received a call from the employer saying, ‘Thank you for the thank you. The chocolate arrived on a very bad day and was just what I needed.” Now there’s a pay-off worth noting. So consider writing your job interview letter in a unique and sincere way that expresses gratitude and generosity.