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How to Write Amazing Thank You Letters For Job Interviews

Cookie-cutter thank you letters for job interviews are the norm in the job search market. For the most part, men and women seeking employment know their etiquette. Crank out a note of gratitude and pop it into the mail. End of task.

However, that's what many people do, maybe even most! Don't be one of them. Make your thank you letters for job interviews go a little further. Take time to handwrite them and to add a personal touch - something called an informational gift.

What is that?

It is simply an article, web site address, contact name and phone number, or other helpful piece of information that relates to something you and the hiring manager talked about or that you noticed while in the office that indicated an interest in a particular topic. For example, suppose the employer likes watercolors or books or antiques, etc. You can tell from conversation and/or from memorabilia or accessories in the room.

For example, one hiring manager furnished her office with antiques. The job seeker was an antique enthusiast, as well, so the two talked about their mutual interest while getting acquainted. When the meeting was over, the job seeker sent a thank you letter for the job interview, adding a flyer about an antique sale she planned to attend and thought it might be of interest to the hiring manager. This added gesture will certainly imprint the name of the job seeker firmly in her mind.

Isn't such a gesture bribery?

Not at all. You are not giving money or a gift certificate. You're simply passing on information that might be of interest to the hiring manager. There is nothing improper about that. In fact, it's an act of kindness, showing the hiring manager that you are a person who pays attention to details.

Is this a usual thing to do?

Probably not. That's why it's special. By being attentive and thoughtful you are showing the hiring manager the kind of person you are. Whether or not you get the job you interviewed for, you will have demonstrated your character and integrity. You will not be easily forgotten and who knows, such an act may lead you to the job you want or bring your name to mind when a new position opens up in the same company.