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How to Write Terrific Thank You Letters After Job Interviews

Thank you letters after job interviews are among the most powerful tools you can use to remind the hiring manager of who you are and what you bring to the table. And not just any old note or email will do.

The best and most well-remembered thank you letters after job interviews are those which are written in the job seeker's own handwriting and that do a bit more than simply say, "Thank you for the job interview on May 10."

Anyone can do that. But you're not just anyone. You're a job hunter that wants to make an impression worth remembering.

How to Make a Good Second Impression

You will be remembered if you go the extra mile when you write your thank you letters after a job interview. That means to say more than a mere thank you, to add a little something called an 'information gift' to your letters.

For example, maybe you recall the hiring manager talking about his golf game or her hiking club. You might have seen some symbol of that hobby in the office on a table or a photo on his or her desk or wall, or maybe a trophy on a bookshelf. How nice it would be if you referred to that passion in your thank you letters after the job interviews. Maybe you share that interest or you know someone who does. Or perhaps you heard about a meeting, a web site, or a conference related to that topic. You might even come across an article that would provide some interesting information on it.

One hiring manager expressed an interest in quilting so the job seeker included a brochure on the quilting museum in Paducah, Kentucky.

Thoughtful Gestures Reap Great Rewards

Whether or not you get the job for which you interviewed is beside the point. People of character, kindness, and integrity are in short supply in the business culture. You can be one to stand out with your good qualities.

Writing a thank you letter after job interviews and taking time to personalize them will not only help you be remembered but will also add a spark to the hiring manager's day. One job seeker reported receiving a 'thank you for your thank you letter' from one of the hiring managers who interviewed him. What goes round comes round!