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Interview For a Job - Over Dinner!

You may be expecting a call for an in-person job interview in the hiring manager's office. Instead he invites you to dinner! What does that mean? Does it carry more weight than a meeting at the office? Maybe so. The employer may want to check out more than your job qualifications. He may want to see how you communicate in public, what your social skills are like. And how about your table manners and dining etiquette? Do you know which fork to use and do you slurp your soup or gulp your water? All this may sound silly when all you want to do is talk about how you can fit the profile of the person he wants to hire.

Think again. This is your chance to outshine other job candidates. Good manners and polite behavior says a lot about you as a person - how you'll present yourself to business clients and management as well as at company conferences and meetings. Brush up on the following and you’ll be good to go - anywhere from breakfast at Betty's Corner Café to dinner at The Ritz Carlton.

Dress the Part

A professional appearance is just as important for a dinner interview as it is for a get-together at the office. Remember to press your shirt or blouse and jacket or dress, and polish your shoes.

Mind Your (Dining) Manners

Choose a conservatively priced meal. This is not the time to order all you can eat (and drink)! And keep in mind the power of 'please' and 'thank you' during the meal and afterwards.

Contribute to the Conversation

Respond to questions, of course, but ask some of your own, too. If there are more than two of you, engage the others in conversation, as well. The more comfortable everyone feels the better your chance of being called for a second interview.