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Job Interview Coaching Secrets

If you're nervous about interviewing for a job, or so far you have not landed the job you want, consider job interview coaching. It may be the jumpstart you need. A job interview coach would help you prepare for a professional interview and give you the feedback that can help you meet and talk with the hiring manager with confidence.

Don't hire just anyone, however. Be sure the person you select is familiar with job interview coaching not merely business coaching. There is a difference. You'll want someone who knows how to help you with the details that are so important to a successful job interview—such as communication style, vocal variety, eye contact, ability to answer and ask questions related to your present work life and the job you want, and to heighten the quality of your interview by gathering a group of real-life experiences from your professional life that will illustrate your talent and abilities.

You Get What You Pay For

A well-meaning friend may offer to help you in order to save you some money, but decline such offers politely, and go with a pro - someone who has experience and knows what to focus on. Be sure this individual will address the content of your interview—the questions you can expect and how best to answer them, how to relate your skill set and the experiences that back them up, and how to present yourself, including dress, demeanor, manners, and so on.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want from the job interview coach. For example, maybe you'd like some help selecting your outfit for that day or perhaps you'd like him or her to list some practice questions and then listen as you answer them. Or maybe you want your sessions to be videotaped so you can play them back and review what you learned.

Step Up to the Challenge

Ask for homework and drills, and be sure the job interview coach tosses a few unexpected balls so you are forced to think on your feet and make strategic decisions. By the time you've completed your job interview coaching sessions you should be well versed in what to expect when you step into the real interview room with the real-life interviewer.

Therefore, be sure to stage several mock interviews, including dressing the part. In fact, consider the final one your ‘dress rehearsal.' Once you get past that crucial test you'll be more than ready to take on the real thing and maybe even land the job - on the spot.