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A Job Interview Follow-Up Letter That Makes a Difference

After you leave a job interview, you’ll want to get to work right away on your job interview follow-up letter. It is one of the most powerful actions you can take. It not only serves as a courteous 'thank you' for the employer's time, but it also says something about you, your manners, and your professionalism.

So be sure to start your job interview follow-up letters with a hearty ‘thank you’ and then mention one or two details related to your conversation with the employer that shows you recall what was discussed aside from the job-related questions and answers.

For example, maybe you remember the employer talking about his or her interest in football or movie classics or camping in the desert. Whatever it is, it is a nice gesture to refer to that personal interest.

Add a Gift

If possible, consider sending along a little gift related to that interest. Not a gift card for a coffee and bagel or a new book or DVD, but rather what is called an 'intellectual gift,' a reference to a web site with more info about it or an article or pamphlet that provides some tidbit about that special interest.

One job seeker remembered the interviewer mentioning her knitting hobby as she indicated a decorative blanket on her office sofa that she had made. The job seeker included with her job interview follow-up letter a printed pattern for a sweater and hat the women had discussed. This was a nice way to show interest and to put her name in front of the employer in a way that others might not think of.

You can do something similar by paying attention to what you see and hear while in the interview room.

Seal the Deal

A thoughtful gesture such as this shows that you are a kind and attentive person. That's a characteristic any hiring manager would want to see in a prospective employee. So it works in your favor on two counts—as a person and as a professional. You seal the deal when you blend the two. And you can be sure you will be remembered - whether or not you win the job. Goodness sown on one side of the street can yield an abundant crop on the other side, so be willing to go the extra mile no matter what.

Naturally you don't want to be thoughtful just because it might win you points with a hiring manager. Your job interview follow-up letters should come from your heart regardless of the outcome.