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Job Interview Help You Can Use

Every job seeker can use a little job interview help when it comes to walking into an employer's office. So if you're feeling a bit uneasy, you're not alone. You might feel even more uneasy if the hiring manager throws you some 'behavior-based' questions that you're unprepared to answer. Therefore, plan ahead. He or she might ask about past behavior in a specific situation during your previous employment in order to see how you would react to similar situations in the new position—in the event you're hired.

Here's an example: "Can you please describe for me a time when you took leadership of a particular project or group of employees?" Or the interviewer might explain a potential work scenario and ask you how you'd handle it if you were in charge.

Be Specific

The best job interview help to apply in both cases is to have handy some clear and relevant examples based on your work history. Of course you can't know ahead what he or she will focus on, but you can still be prepared, based on your own experience. Hiring managers are most interested in seeing how a job candidate reacted to a sudden call for leadership, a crisis, or a resolution to an unexpected problem. They're 'testing' the waters, so to speak, trying to get a feel for what you would do in emergency or even day-to-day operations that call for a sound mind and wise judgment.

Stay Alert

Following these 'behavioral' questions you might be asked to provide more information about your technical expertise, your ability to work with a team, and the kind of personality you'll bring to the work place each day. For example, are you an outgoing, vibrant and creative type or the quiet thoughtful worker who can be counted on to meet deadlines. Maybe you're an organizer or one who delegates authority easily. Whatever your bent, these natural traits help the employer discern whether or not you're the right person for the particular job he or she is eager to fill. And knowing these things about yourself also gives you the confidence you need to speak up during the meeting. So remain alert, ready to answer any and all questions that come your way.

If you wish to boost your chance of not only acing the interview but receiving a job offer as well, then make the most of the job interview helps covered in this article. The more you plan for and do ahead of time, the greater the odds that you will soon be walking through the doorway to your new job.