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Job Interview Preparation - Your Ticket to the Job You Want

You might imagine that job interview preparation will tax your mind, body, and spirit! Maybe you're anticipating difficult questions that might stump you for answers. Or you're wondering how to dress, what to expect from the employer, and whether or not you should greet the person by name. Such anxiety can keep you up nights. Don't let it.

Adopt a new perspective - one that focuses on what an exhilarating experience this could be. Look at job interview preparations as fun, not work. Think of what you have to offer the employer, the skills, characteristics, and temperament you can contribute to the company.

The first step in your job interview preparation should be learning what the position requires from the new employee, and then seeing what you can bring to the meeting that will persuade the interviewer that you're the one for the job.

Use This Secret Weapon

Research is your secret weapon. That will involve doing an online search for information about the organization, its mission, employee relations, and benefits. Also plan to talk to current and former employees to get a firm idea of what management is looking for. Once you know, you're ready to plan how you'll answer the hiring manager's specific questions. Such queries will focus on your technical skills, your personality, and your interpersonal communication style.

Part of your research also includes the dress code for the company, work hours, and opportunities for service. You'll want to show up on time, dressed appropriately, and knowledgeable about some of the details that pertain to the company's reputation and relationship to the community.

Strategize, Then Take Action

Your job interview preparation strategy is to match up the skills, qualities, and characteristics the employer is looking for, with the skills, qualities, and characteristics you possess. Keep in mind that the more relevant and specific you can be when responding, the more vivid, persuasive, and memorable you will be to the interviewer.

Finally, think of an insightful question or two to ask the employer before the meeting concludes. After all, you have a right to know what you're walking into if you decide to accept an offer for the job. Then be sure to follow up with a personal thank you note as soon as possible after you return to your home or office.

If you follow all of these job interview preparation tips to the best of your ability, you're sure to stand out from the crowd of other applicants and win the employer's favor.