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The Job Interview Technique You’ve Been Waiting to Hear

The most important job interview technique you can learn and develop is perfecting your ability to respond well to any question your interviewer poses. What does this mean? Focusing on your strengths and abilities in such a way that you can showcase them within your answers. There is no shortcut to job interview techniques. They require time, energy, and commitment. But they’re worth it - if you really want the job.

How do you take action? First, develop a job interview technique that centers on learning what the interviewer is looking for in the person he or she hires. Once you discover that, focus on it. For example, suppose the job opening is for a retail sales manager and you find out the employer wants someone who can train and oversee new recruits for the sales department. When speaking with the interviewer, make clear how you can fit that niche perfectly. Show that you understand the importance of sound training, follow-up, and acknowledgment. Provide examples from your previous or current employment if they are available. Always be specific so the employer can envision you on the job.

Connect the Dots

As soon as you find out what the hiring manager is looking for in new employees, line up your own characteristics and experiences that will convince the interviewer that you’re more than qualified. Match the lists. Connect the dots. Show the employer the results. This technique gives you an opportunity to convince the interviewer that you’re the ideal person for the job.

Problem, Action, Result

Keep in mind that abstract stories and flimsy references to your experience will eliminate your chance of winning the job. Interviewers simply don’t have the time to devote to idle chitchat about things that do not relate strongly to the position he or she wants to fill. Therefore, always speak about your previous or current employment in an organized and practical way, using the ‘problem, action, result’ approach that illustrates how you can resolve challenges and move on to the duties at hand.

Focus on What You Can Bring to the Company

Avoid being so concerned about your appearance, your wording, and your desire to be hired that you forget to talk about what you can bring to the company, and how you can help increase profits and expand the reputation of the organization. Keep in mind that the employer is looking for individuals who put the company first. This is the most important job interview technique you can exhibit.