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Job Interview Thank You Letters That Do the Job

How would you like to improve your chances of getting that dream job? If so, here’s what to keep in mind following every interview you line up. Send a handwritten job interview thank you letter, the same or the very next day, to the person you met with. Don’t delay as so many do. Courtesy and appreciation are in short supply in this economy when job seekers are more concerned with getting a job than thanking those who could make it possible.

Job interview thank you letters are easier to write than cover letters or resumes because they flow naturally out of your personality. Think about the fact that the hiring manager took time to meet with you in person, to listen to you, to consider you for a job, and to give more thought to you after you leave. This is a gift in itself. So if you can see the significance of that gesture you’ll want to write a job interview thank you letter right away. It’s the thing to do!

More Than One Purpose

Job interview thank you letters also serve more than one purpose. They give you another opportunity to contact the interviewer and to remind him or her of your meeting together and your continued interest in the job. You have another chance to show your courtesy, your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to keep the discussion going. You can offer to answer any additional questions the employer might have. And you can even mention something you might have forgotten to include when you first met. For example, suppose you won an award for customer service or you were acknowledged at an employee dinner for coming up with a new way to organize and carry out staff and shareholder meetings. Whatever it might be, mention it so the hiring manager will see this new facet of you.

To write a simple and basic job interview thank you letter open with a greeting, and then thank the interviewer for his or her time and effort. If you recall some interesting tidbit of information you both shared, such as a sporting event, an aspect of politics, or a family-related incident, mention that too—to show that you paid attention and enjoyed the conversation you shared with one another.

No Time Like the Present

Job interview thank you letters should be sent immediately after the interview. Since some positions take weeks, even months, to fill due to various circumstances within the company, you won’t want to risk your name being dropped in the process. Therefore, by sending a prompt job interview thank you letter and a follow-up to that if you don’t hear back within a couple of weeks, you are maintaining an ongoing, low-key attempt to keep your name and your credentials in the mind of the employer, thereby increasing your chance of being called in for a second interview and maybe for the job itself.