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Job Interview Thank You Notes That Yield Big Dividends

One way to receive big dividends following your meetings with hiring managers is to write job interview thank you notes that will grab the readers' attention. In other words, skip the typical, ‘thank you very much for the job interview, sincerely yours’ style of writing. Of course you need to express your appreciation. That’s what these notes are about. But there is a way of writing that can make a difference.

Think about it. The average interviewer probably sees a hundred or more individuals for each job he or she needs to fill. And this number can vary greatly depending on the size of the organization. But whatever number it is, you can see that competition is keen. Therefore, you’ll want to take steps that will insure the man or woman remembers you.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

One way to help the employers do this is to include in your job interview thank you notes a small informational-style gift. This doesn’t mean a coffee card or cash or a package with a ribbon on top, but rather a reference to a web site, an article, or a brochure, etc. that refers to something you and he or she talked about during the interview. That might include an item that has to do with the person's family or hobby or sports team. Maybe you noticed a piece in a magazine that lists family vacations on a budget. This triggers your remembrance of something the hiring manager said about the expense involved in taking a family of six on a summer trip. Or perhaps he or she talked about a new puppy recently purchased for a child. You might have tips for training a new dog so you list those on a sheet of paper and send it along with your job interview thank you note.

Such gestures not only show your thoughtfulness, they also indicate your attention to detail - an excellent characteristic that any hiring manager would look for in a potential employee. So there you have it. In a small but important way you have turned your job interview thank you notes into a subtle reminder of your ability to do the job the manager wants to fill.

Stay on Task

In addition, if you can refer to some aspect of your conversation regarding the company's Mission statement or a challenge management is facing, so much the better. You are once again showing that you know what’s going on and you want to play a part in resolving the problem.

All in all it takes so little to avoid writing flat, cookie-cutter style job interview thank you notes, that one wonders why everyone doesn’t heed the suggestions included her. Most important, however, is that you're reading them and will apply them to your next job interview thank you notes.