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Job Interview Tips You Can Use

Ned lost three jobs in a row because he couldn't seem to get to his desk on time. So the first and most basic job interview tip is to show up at the appointed time - not five minutes or a half hour late. This will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you respect his or her time and you can be relied upon to keep commitments.

The second job interview tip is dress professionally. You may have heard that the company code is business casual. That may be fine after you land the job, but for the interview, choose attire that is a notch or two above the norm - not to impress people with your wardrobe, but to appear attractive, business-minded, and professional.

Third on the list of job interview tips is to greet the interviewer with a firm and friendly handshake. Then wait to be directed to a seat and let the interviewer start the conversation. Though these job interview tips might sound elementary, you'd probably be surprised to learn how few candidates, even for professional jobs, follow them.

Don't Stop There

Here are a few advanced job interview tips worth practicing. Well before the actual interview, organize in your mind your experience, skills, interests and education so you can answer the employer's questions satisfactorily and without stress. For example, the hiring manager may ask how you behaved when confronted with a problem at work. What did you do when faced with a difficult co-worker or when you had to take disciplinary measures or fire someone? Your answers will provide clues as to how you would respond to such challenges in the new position. Reflect on these situations and be ready to talk about them in a conversational way that is clear and focused.

And finally . . .

Keep in mind this important job interview tip. You have the right to ask questions of the employer, not simply answer his or hers of you. A job interview is not a one-way street. Not only will you be showing initiative, interest, and intelligence, you'll also be getting a good sense for yourself of what the company is like and whether or not you want to accept a position if one is offered. In addition, as the hiring manager speaks, you can find out more about what he or she is looking for in the hiree, and you can then answer with that in mind.

Put all these job interview tips together, put them into practice, and then put on your best smile and your best outfit and walk into the interview with confidence and professionalism. Good luck!