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Key Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Many job searchers worry about what questions to ask during a job interview. They know they will have to respond to the employers' questions but which of their own should they pose? Will they be professional enough? Too personal? Or otherwise inappropriate in some way?

Instead of being concerned about sounding stupid or naïve, however, think about asking the questions that will help you further your job-search goals. You'll want to be called back for a second interview or receive the job offer after the first so make that your primary emphasis.

Also, be sure the questions you ask reflect your understanding of the job, its duties and responsibilities, and the skills required. Therefore, here are some key questions to consider. Alter them to meet your specific needs.

  • Will I have an opportunity to offer my input regarding the challenges with your IT team since I led a crew of technicians in my previous employment?
  • Can I meet with management to discuss my ideas for improving customer service?
  • What characteristics are you looking for in the person you hire?

Pay Close Attention

You can find clues about what to ask by listening carefully to the questions the hiring manager asks you. They will help you phrase your own queries in such a way as to show you know what the company is facing, what management is trying to resolve, how you can fit into the grand scheme of things and help resolve the challenges. Employers want team players, so show that you are one by asking questions related to the topics they bring up during an interview.

Always refer to your own experience as it relates to the mission and vision of the company when thinking of questions to ask during a job interview. In other words, link the two so the hiring manager will know that you understand the challenges the organization is facing.

Express Your Desire to Help

It's also wise to indicate ways you can be of help. For example, if you are experienced at resolving employee relations problems, be sure to ask how you can be useful as one of the questions to ask during a job interview. If you're a planner, ask questions that show you are eager to be part of a planning team in the area of your expertise. Everyone needs help and the more you display your willingness the more attractive you are as a candidate for the job opening.