Job Interview Articles

Line Up Your Questions For a Job Interview

Most job seekers get focused on answering the questions the hiring manager will pose to them. They forget that part of a good interview is getting answers to their questions, as well.

Therefore, compile a list of things you want to talk about. Keep in mind that the interview is not only about whether or not the hiring manager wants you. It's also about whether or not this is the right fit from your point of view. So be ready with your questions.

Generally, toward the end of a job interview the hiring manager will ask something like this, "Do you have any questions for me or about our company?"

That's your chance to refer to your notes unless you have memorized your questions for the job interview. It would not be appropriate, however, to ask about salary, health insurance, vacation, or retirement benefits at this time. You can handle that later. At this point it would be wise to focus on the items that are related to the actual job duties.

Sample Questions to Consider

  • When will the person you hire officially begin?
  • Can you give me an idea of what a typical workday will look like in this position?
  • I'm very interested in moving up in the company once I have acquired a good track record. What are the opportunities in this area?
  • I have some thoughts about how to delegate authority to subordinates that would have a positive result. When would be a good time to talk about that—in the event I'm hired?

. . . and so on. This process will require you to think about the specific job you're being interviewed for and the organization's goals. Formulate your questions with that information in mind. Not every job candidate will have the same preferences.

Show Your Enthusiasm

It will be important to ask your questions for a job interview with enthusiasm. Avoid being laid back. You could give the impression you don't care one way or the other. It's fine to be calm but you can still express your enthusiasm. Indicate to the hiring manager that you are eager to be part of the company and to be hired for this particular job, but do so without appearing desperate.

Above all, keep in mind that you have something valuable to offer the company or you wouldn't have been invited in for an interview in the first place. Thoughtful job interview questions will work for you when planned ahead of time and presented with enthusiasm.