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Make Your Job Interview Weakness Work FOR You

What job interview weakness are you concerned about?

  • Dressing appropriately
  • Answering questions effectively
  • Talking about your previous experience
  • Displaying your qualifications for the job
  • Paying attention to details when you're nervous
  • Appearing too eager to be hired

There may be others not on the list. But they all come down to the same thing—fear that you'll do or say something or appear in such a way that you will not be taken seriously and therefore, lose the opportunity to win the job.

However, you could turn your job interview weakness on its head and make it work for you. Read on to find out how.

The Secret to Success Over Weakness

For example, suppose your weakness is fear of talking about your previous job experience in a way that will impress the hiring manager. The solution? Write down what you wish to say, practice it over and over, and then rehearse it with a friend. After repeating the same thing again and again you'll relax because you'll know what to say and therefore, it will come across easily, naturally, and believably.

Maybe one of your job interview weaknesses is how to dress appropriately. You've never cared much for fashion. You're more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts or shorts and sandals. That's an easy fix too. Ask a friend in the know - someone whose style you admire - to help you select an outfit that will help you achieve a professional appearance.

If your job interview weakness is worry over seeming too eager to be hired, you can calm this beast by facing the reality that many people will interview for the same job and all you can do is your best and then rest. What will be will be. At some point in your job search you'll be the one that's hired and it will be the right job for you at the right time.

Focus On What's Important

The opportunity to be interviewed. Not everyone who answered the ad was called. The qualifications you bring to the company. No one can do what you do in your way. The experience and leadership you display in all areas of your work life. No one has your unique qualities and capabilities.