Job Interview Articles

An Overview of Typical Job Interview Questions

You may wonder if there are such things as typical job interview questions. Yes and no. Most employers are interested in the same type of responses - focusing on how and why you are suitable to fill the job opening. So that might be considered typical.

However, each interviewer has his or her own style and interest, all dependent on the job in question. For example, in a sales job that may take the employee out of town several weeks a year it would be important to know if the candidate was willing and able to leave home for long stretches of time.

A job that requires a worker to be inside a noisy factory for eight hours a day would need the ability to withstand a closed environment with machinery running full blast.

Therefore, depending on the type of job you are seeking, you can pretty much guess some of the typical questions you'll be asked. To prepare for any and every one of them, learn as much as you can about the specific job.

Be the Person Most Wanted

Company representatives do not hold their cards close to their chest when it comes to advertising a particular job. They post their requirements on job boards, in the newspaper, and online. After reading this material, you'd have no excuse not to at least guess at some of the typical questions you'll be asked.

You'll need to show your experience, skills, abilities, personality traits, and willingness to dig in and do the job - whatever it takes. With that in mind you'll be able to answer whatever questions come at you - typical or not.

Make a List

You can get ahead of the game of typical job interview questions by making a list of what the job requires and then an accompanying list of ways in which you have exhibited these requirements in your current or previous employment.

And remember, 'stories' work best. Real-life stories, not fictional ones. Talk about what you did during a certain situation and how you resolved certain problems. Everyone enjoys hearing examples that are true and effective.

Once you get comfortable with what some may refer to as typical job interview questions, the sooner you will be confident in answering them with clear and cogent responses - the kind that very well might win you the coveted job.