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Power-packed Questions to Ask In a Job Interview

The moment you're invited to discuss a job you may suddenly wonder what questions to ask in a job interview. You’re not alone. Job seekers all over the country have similar thoughts. You can get a pretty good handle on the questions the interviewer may ask you as a potential employee, but what should you ask when the employer says, "Do you have any questions for me?"

Following are some suggestions for the type of questions to ask in job interviews. No one can tell you exactly what words to use. They will vary depending on the job, the size of the organization, and your individual preferences. But these can serve as a guide.

  • Ask for details that provide you with a clear understanding of the duties.
  • Ask about the employer's expectations of the people he or she hires.
  • Ask what skills are most important to the job you're being interview for.
  • Ask if you will have an opportunity for advancement to a higher level.
  • Ask when the new employment will begin so you can plan your schedule.
  • Ask how you can support the company executives in their goals.

Your Questions Count

Keep in mind that as you ask questions the employer is assessing you, just as you are assessing the employer when he or she questions you. Therefore, don’t hang back but at the same time avoid overdoing it when considering questions to ask in a job interview. Let your conversation flow naturally. If something occurs to you that is really important, feel free to address it. If one of your questions gets answered as you talk with one another, there’s no need to bring it up again. Common sense is your best guide. Two questions to avoid until you're offered a job are: "What is the salary?" and "What are the benefits and vacation allowance?" Focus on the job itself. Once the hiring manager decides you are the right one for the position, then it will be time to talk about such details. That is not likely to occur, however, until after a second or even third interview.

Find Out About the Employees

It's also wise to show an interest in the people who work for the company. You may wish to ask the hiring manager what brought him or her to this employer, what he or she likes best about the work environment, and perhaps some thoughts about the advantages to working there. And if you have a chance to speak with individuals in various departments in the event you receive a tour of the offices, take mental notes about what you observe. Do individuals seem happy? Are they friendly? Does the workplace have a nice 'feel' to it? Can you picture yourself sitting at one of the desks and interacting with others? All of these questions - even though you may keep some of them to yourself - are important to your future happiness whether at this company or another. Never treat yourself as a second-class job seeker who should be happy to take what you get. Make sure you get what you want and deserve by focusing on the very best questions to ask in a job interview. You may be in that position for a long time.