Job Interview Articles

Prepare for a Job Interview 1-2-3

You're ready to prepare for a job interview but you might wonder what steps to take and in what order. Here they are.

Start with the questions you're likely to be asked. You can't know them exactly but you can get a pretty good idea by studying the ad for the job and the employer’s description. Naturally, the interviewer will be curious about what you can contribute to the organization and your qualifications and experience regarding the job you’re interviewing for.

Write down your responses to these questions. Be sure to include personal experience examples that illustrate what you can do for the company and how your skills and talents will make a difference on the job.

Plan your clothing for the interview. You'll want to dress appropriately - at least one level above what would be expected. That means a suit and tie for men and a pants suit or skirt and jacket for women. Avoid strong perfumes or after-shave lotion and clunky or distracting jewelry. Close-toed shoes are always a good choice for women. No sandals or flip-flops or jeans, even if the work environment is casual. You’ll want to make a good first impression.

Take Stock Mentally

Spend some time going over ways that you have resolved company problems in the past, stepped into leadership situations when called upon, increased the bottom line, and discovered how to improve communication or ways of doing things that benefitted management and employees.

Such examples will not only impress an interviewer but will give you an edge over job seekers who answer questions with vague generalizations. Consider the importance of real-life anecdotes that point to solutions. Engage your listener with an animated true experience that he or she will long remember, one that may result in your getting the job you want.

And Finally . . .

As you prepare for job interviews this week or next, keep in mind the long haul, what your responses can mean to your career over future decades. You are not merely vying for a job. You are making a commitment to a profession that may last between ten and twenty years or more. So give it your best and you will be rewarded beyond anything you can imagine.