Job Interview Articles

Prepare for a Job Interview Today

Start with the basics. What kind of job are you interviewing for? Of course you know the title - sales manager, teacher, computer programmer, etc. - but do you know the specifics of this particular position? What are the duties the hiring manager will expect of the person he or she hires? Where does this job fit into the large scheme of things within the company or firm or industry? If you're in doubt, it’s time to do a little research. Go online and look up the organization's web site. Then talk to people who work there or who have in the past. Maybe you know someone affiliated with the company. He or she can pass on some valuable advice and information that will help you prepare in a way that could win you the job.

Next, use the insight you gain to determine which of your skills relate to what the company is looking for. Then pay attention to potential problems or dilemmas that you might help resolve. Every hiring manager is interested in employees who can see how to meet challenges and overcome them in a positive way that will keep the organization moving forward.

Become an Asset

This is a key point. Take time to mentally list the various ways you solved sticky situations in the past or reached an outcome that helps everyone involved. Imagine how an administrator or department head would feel if he or she could rely on you to handle a difficulty in a way that makes him or her look good and keeps the company on solid footing. Not only would you be rewarded but also you’ll assure your place in the organization for years to come. Therefore, it is never a waste of time to prepare for a job interview today with a view to the long term.

Keep in mind the importance to real-life examples, anecdotes and stories that show what you’ve accomplished in the workplace, not just vague references to what you could do. You’ll never what to appear that you are making up something on the spur of the moment. Speak clearly and with confidence about true experiences you've had.

An Important Final Step

As you prepare for your job interview today, look ahead to the small but significant details that will help you be calm and collected when you walk into the interview room.

  • Be certain of the name and position of your interviewer.
  • Have your clothing cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear.
  • Take care of driving directions ahead of time.
  • Practice a firm handshake and a friendly smile.
  • Put a notebook and pen in your briefcase.

Prepare for a job interview today and you may have the job you want tomorrow!