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Prepare Well for These Top Job Interview Questions

Getting ready for top job interview questions can bring on the worry and perspiration. You may wonder what the hiring manager will ask and what you should do to be prepared.

Rest easy. There are only two types of questions.

  • Those you can predict.
  • Those you can’t predict.

Therefore, you’ll want to spend time simply reviewing the first type -questions about yourself, your work history, your skills and abilities.

The second type is a little tricky. Depending on the interviewer you may be asked some of the following:

  • Why should I hire you?
  • How can you help my company get ahead?
  • What skills do you bring to this job that set you apart from other potential hires?
  • How have you handled an unexpected problem? Describe the process.

Notice the more pointed questions might cause you to feel uncomfortable. But if you prepare for these top job interview questions by thinking about them ahead of time and jotting down your answers, your nervous feelings will likely disappear. Then even if yet another unexpected question pops us you’ll have a few responses in your pocket! The best way to handle any of them is to refer to your experience—bringing up examples that made you shine, such as handling a crisis in a calm manner, teaching a colleague how to respond in a certain situation, taking authority over a matter that created internal conflict, helped raised the company’s bottom line, etc. You know the ones. They happened to you!

Harnessing Your Strengths

The idea here is to learn so much about yourself and what you achieved, that you won’t hesitate for a moment when asked a question about your expertise. Think about it this way. Opportunity. Thought. Action. Result. Tell what happened using specific words that show rather than merely tell.

Your collection of information about yourself and about the company will come together when you need it so you can answer top job interview questions with ease and confidence, even if some of the questions take you by surprise.