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Preparing for a Teacher Job Interview

A teacher job interview provides an opportunity for you to show your talent for teaching in the sense that you will be sharing some of your knowledge with the hiring manager. You can show him or her your understanding of the required curriculum and the techniques you use to convey the information to students. Perhaps you have a unique approach that you'd like to mention. If you're effective in this communication, the employer will see that you're a capable instructor.

Point to Specific Examples

Just as students would be bored if you recited a string of facts without tying them to something relevant in their lives, an interviewer will lose interest in you if you present a dry list of what you will do in the classroom. Instead, engage him or her with some personal stories of how you reach your students during the teaching experience.

Maybe you hold a Gold Rush party in your classroom when covering a chapter on the Gold Rush. Students might 'pan' for gold nuggets, dress in costumes that represent that time in history, and play Pin the Gold Nugget on the map, etc.

You might also have a couple of stories handy that illustrate how you cope with slow learners or reluctant readers, etc. In other words, let the employer know that you can handle difficult situations with tact and professionalism and creativity.

Mention Additional Skills

During your teacher job interviews you will want to bring up any abilities you have that might make the difference between being hired and being passed over. Do you play the piano or sing? Do you have talent in art or photography? Have you coached Little League or soccer teams? Many school administrators would welcome someone who can step in to help with music or art classes or help with an athletic team after school. There may be additional pay for such work, as well.

Above all, present yourself as a professional who is aware of what the hiring manager is looking for in the person he or she hires. Also, take a look at the curriculum and some of the textbooks ahead of time so you'll be familiar with the scope and details of what is being taught in this particular school.

It's never a good idea to rely solely on your previous teaching experience to see you through a teacher job interview. You must show yourself relevant today so the employer will be convinced that you can meet the requirements necessary in the here and now.