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Put Your Job Interview Weaknesses Behind You

You might be feeling the jitters just thinking about your job interview weaknesses. What should you say and what should you wear and should you shake hands first or wait for the interviewer to start the process?

Worries might surface over your education, communication skills, personality type, but the experts suggest that you put these job interview weaknesses behind you. Likely you are more accomplished and more able that you realize. Few people see themselves as they really are. We tend to focus on our shortcomings instead of on our strengths.

However, interviewers are meeting you for the first time so they aren't looking for your flaws. In fact, they're hoping you're the very one they want to hire for the job that must be filled. So instead of pointing out what you can't do, indicate what you can do and how your skills can make a positive contribution to the company.

Three Tips To Overcoming Job Interview Weaknesses

  1. Find out what the interviewer is looking for. Read the job description carefully and go into the meeting knowing something about the company.
  2. Jot down and review three or four personal on-the-job experiences that relate to the interviewer's questions. Be ready to show how you displayed leadership or handled a crisis or stepped in and solved a problem.
  3. Know what credential or degree or training is required to carry out the job and be ready to talk about your qualifications based on that information.

Focus on Your Strengths

Once you have the job requirements down pat and you have some work-related stories to share about your on-the-job experience, the next thing to eliminate is any behavioral item that might be considered a job interview weakness by doing the following:

  • Eye contact - Look the interviewer in the eye when you speak.
  • Body language - Sit up straight; avoid fidgeting with hands or clothing; smile.
  • Answers to Questions - Be as specific as possible and give examples.
  • Asking for the job - Conclude with a polite request for the job.

Once you've assembled these details tyou'll be ready to put your job interview weaknesses behind you and even forget about them, as you concentrate on getting the job you want.