Job Interview Articles

Selecting GREAT Job Interview Attire

Some job seekers play down the importance of job interview attire. Others play it up! The best choice is somewhere in the middle. It’s really quite easy to determine what is appropriate. Talk to people who work for the company you hope to join. Find out what is standard and then take your clothing up one notch—at least for the interview. If you land the job you want, you can then dress in a way that is compatible with other employees.

Professional Jobs Require Professional Attire

A crisp and executive appearance is ideal if you will be working with high level clients, such as you'll find in some financial or consulting organizations. On the other hand, if you are interviewing for a job in medicine or other profession where uniforms are the norm, then dress for the job interview in what is considered business casual. This would call for slacks, dress shirt (without a tie) and a sports jacket for men. Women would choose a pants suit, skirt and blouse or sweater, and flat or low-heeled shoes or boots. Once again, it will work in your favor to talk with someone who has interviewed for a position in such an environment.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories

It is probably obvious that low-key makeup is the safest choice, as well as a simple, but conservative hairstyle, and jewelry that complements your job interview attire without distracting. Dangling earrings, for example, that swing whenever you move your head would be inappropriate. Also avoid perfume, cologne, or after-shave lotion with a strong scent that draws attention. Keep in mind the reason you’re there—to present yourself suitable for the job opening the interviewer wants to fill.

Creative Industries May Call For Exceptions

The music, advertising, graphic design or theatre industries, as well as other creative professions, may be the exception to the suggestions stated above. It really depends on management. Some artistic environments may be casual to the point of lax when it comes to attire - whether for an interview or on the job. If you're unclear about what to wear, err on the side of conservative. Wear slacks and a jacket if you're a man and women can rarely go wrong with pants or a skirt and a sweater or blouse. The point here is that it's better to overdress than under dress for a job interview.

With this in mind, turn your attention to your answers, your value on the job, and your contribution to the company you hope to work for. As long as you present a clean, neat, and professional appearance you’ll be just fine.