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Strategies for After a Job Interview

It's tempting to sit back, relax, and take some time off after a job interview. You did a lot of work getting ready for the meeting, learning about the company, anticipating the questions, and rehearsing your answers. It’s understandable that you might feel you deserve a break. On the other hand, why stop now? There are still many things you can do to improve your chances of being invited in for a second interview - and maybe to accept the job itself.

Keep in mind that it can take a long time between the job interview and the actual hiring. It's common for many company officials to be involved in the hiring process. This is no reflection on the candidates. It’s just that various factors must be considered before the employer makes a final decision after job interviews. For example, inter-office politics, the company budget, possible reorganization, management style and needs, hirings and firings and vacations all play a part in the process.

Strategy To Practice While Waiting

It would be easy for your name to fall out of the hiring manager's memory if too much time passes between the interview and the hiring itself with additional contact. To prevent this from happening plan now to act out a strategy that will keep you on top of the interviewer’s mind for as long as it takes before his or her final decision.

Therefore, begin immediately to implement your after job interview action steps. The first should be 'write a thank you note.' Be sincere in expressing your appreciation for the meeting, and remind the hiring manager of your continued interest in the job. This is also a good place and time to state that you are open and willing to talk with him or her about the job in more depth at any time. In your after job interviews strategy, consider including with your thank you note a tidbit of information the interviewer would find interesting - based on your conversation, notes you jotted down, or items you saw in his or her office. Such a gift could be a link to a publication about a topic you discussed, or a helpful or amusing article that will catch his or her eye.

Remain Committed and Interested

The next after job interview action step has to do with you. Think of how you can apply your skills and expertise to help expand the company and make it more competitive and valuable in the marketplace. For example, if you see a news item about the organization and there is something you can offer the hiring manager that would contribute to the company in relation to what you read, be sure to contact him or her with your suggestion. This thoughtful gesture is one of the best after job interview action steps you can take because it shows you as a kind and generous person - hopefully one he or she would like to have on staff.