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Succeed With These Amazing Job Interview Tips

A successful job interview occurs in three time frames: before, during, and after. That might sound rather odd, given that when you're sitting in the employer's office you are in present time. But in reality something important occurs in each of these zones. This article will offer you an amazing tip for each one.

Amazing Job Interview Tip #1: Prepare and practice BEFORE the interview.

A few days before, list some of the questions you're likely to be asked regarding your job-related experience, your communication and leadership skills, your ability to resolve conflict, and your behavior in a crisis. Practice them with a friend or in front of a mirror. And of course, plan your clothing, shoes and make-up (for women) and your driving route well ahead of time. If you need directions to the location, print them from the Internet unless you have a navigation system for your car. If you need to have your suit or dress dry cleaned take care of that a week or so before the interview, as well. Allow plenty of time for all these details so you won't feel stressed or confused on the day of your interview. You'll want to walk into the meeting fresh, relaxed, and confident.

Amazing Job Interview Tip #2: Listen and speak up DURING the interview.

The moment you enter the room, approach the employer with a friendly handshake and look him or her in the eye. Be present throughout the meeting, smiling often, listening carefully, speaking up with clear answers to questions, and taking in some of the objects you see in the room. For example, suppose the hiring manager has a golf trophy on a shelf or a familiar magazine on a side table. Such items can make excellent conversation-starters. During the first few minutes of a job interview, the hiring manager will get to know you. Extend yourself with comments, questions, or acknowledgment regarding the things that catch your eye.

Amazing Job Interview Tip #3: Send a thank you note AFTER the interview.

The time after the job interview is as important, and maybe more so, than the times before and during. This is when you show the interviewer your appreciation for his or her interest in you and the time extended to get to know you and evaluate you for the open position. Send a hand-written thank you note that is warm and friendly. You needn't go on for two pages, but what you do say should be genuine. And if possible add a little information gift—such as an article related to something you talked about during the meeting, or a web site with some data that might appeal to the hiring manager. This small gesture speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness and attentiveness as a person.

Take advantage of these three time-tested amazing tips for job interview success and you'll be amazed at how much you raise the stakes in your favor, not only for having a successful interview but for being invited back for another.