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The Top Ten Job Interview Questions To Ask

Of all the job interview questions to ask, there are at least ten that go to the top of the list. And none of them has anything to do with salary, vacation, or health benefits - important as they are. Put aside such questions until you are offered the job.

The job interview questions to ask in your first interview have to do with your qualifications, your skills and abilities, your interest in the company, your desire to support management, to get along well with co-workers, and your willingness to help the organization move forward.

Following are the Top Ten. If you wish to replace one with another that you find better fits the job you’re seeking, feel free to do so. Any list can be modified and should be if it does not perfectly fit the job seeker’s vision of the interview questions to ask regarding the position he or she is vying for.

  1. What are your expectations of the person you hire?
  2. What specific character traits are you looking for?
  3. Which duties are specifically related to this position?
  4. What are the company’s requirements for promoting employees to higher levels?
  5. Are there performance reviews and if so, how often do they occur?
  6. How can I participate in helping management advance its mission?
  7. Will there be opportunities to contribute to problem solving?
  8. What skills are most important to this particular job?
  9. What is the company policy about employee education? I’d like to earn an M.A.
  10. Is management open to input from employees about how to elevate the bottom line?

Questions to Avoid

When considering what job interview questions to ask, it's equally important to consider what questions to avoid asking. Here are the Top Ten. Read them and then cross them off your list - if you have one!

  1. What is the salary for this job?
  2. Does the company provide for sick days or personal days?
  3. How much vacation time is allowed?
  4. What kind of health insurance do you give employees?
  5. Do you provide coverage for families or just employees?
  6. What are the retirement benefits, if any?
  7. Do you have a profit-sharing plan?
  8. When could I plan on receiving a raise?
  9. Do you ever freeze employee salaries?
  10. What options do I have if the company goes bankrupt?

Focus first on the job and how you can support the company. The rest will fall into place.