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Three Key Steps to Take After a Job Interview

Right after a job interview there are a few key steps you'll want to take to insure you are not easily forgotten. But first it's important for you to know that many things occur behind the scenes at the company where you were interviewed. Those individuals who spoke with you will each write up an evaluation, perhaps even grading you on various elements connected with the session. They will comment on your communication style, your skills and abilities, personal observations including dress, appearance, and demeanor. Based on this information the group will decide whether or not to offer you the job.

However, this interim period could take as many as several weeks or months, depending on the size of the company, the people involved, hiring protocol, and availability of the decision-makers. Therefore, follow these three steps to make sure you are remembered and considered for the job when the time comes.

Key Step #1:

Write a thank you note immediately. The importance of this step cannot be underestimated. Not only does such an action show you as a thoughtful person but also one who practices common courtesy.

Key Step #2:

Offer to come in for a second interview. This is also a wise move. You will show that you are willing to answer more questions, to be reassessed, and to give the hiring manager another opportunity to consider you. Such an experience will act in your favor, as well, giving you a chance to provide more specific information or anything you forgot to include the first time that might help you land the job.

Key Step #3:

Add an 'informational' gift. You may wonder what that is. It is something that adds value to your thank you note. For example, suppose you and the hiring manager discovered a hobby or sport in common or you both like to cook or travel or collect stamps. Refer to that interest in your thank you note and then include some information about it, such as a recipe, an article, a bit of trivia, etc. By acknowledging this detail that you remember from your conversation, you are showing the hiring manager that you're attentive and savvy when it comes to personal and work relations. You listen and apply and then take action. Who wouldn't want to hire such a person? People who are focused on others rather than themselves are few and far between, so make a point of becoming one of them and you will be rewarded.