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Tips for Amazing Job Phone Interviews

A job phone interview is almost as important as a job interview conducted in person. And it calls for being just as prepared. Don’t think of it as less than the one held in a company office. Today, more businesses are going this route because it is more convenient and less costly than a personal interview. In some cases it makes even more sense to learn about the job candidate in this way. For example, a person might be hired for a virtual position, where the employee would work from home or in a location apart from the company’s headquarters.

Screening By Phone

Some hiring managers select the job phone interview method because they’re on the fence about whether or not the potential employee is sufficiently qualified to fill the opening. In that case, a company representative may make the initial phone call in order to ‘screen’ the individual before deciding on an in-person meeting. Therefore, you must commit to being at your best no matter what kind of interview is scheduled. Be prepared to reassure the interviewer of your competency and experience, beyond what he or she can readily see on your resume.

Strategy for Job Interview Success

Job phone interviews have one clear advantage over in-office interviews. You can focus fully on the questions being asked and respond to them without distraction or interruption. You also don’t have to be concerned about a dress code, missing an appointment due to a traffic jam, and so on. You can prepare answers to probable questions and have those at hand, as well as spread out your resume and related documents in front of you so you can refer to them easily as you speak.

To get started, gather as much information about the company as you can and be especially clear about the requirements for the position you’re interested in. Match those with your experience and expertise so it will be apparent that you’re the one for the job. If you know someone who works for the company or who has inside knowledge, be sure to speak to that person. The more you know, the better qualified you will appear. Then after you’ve created a complete company profile, make up questions that speak to those items and answer them. This will prepare you for the actual questioning session and will help you sound prepared and professional. A person who hums and haws during a job phone interview will make a poor impression, so avoid that as best you can. Come across as a pleasant, informed, experienced, and committed individual who will be an asset rather than a liability to the company.