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Tips For Landing a Sales Job Interview

You've spotted a sales job you'd like to have and now you're wondering about landing a sales job interview. Well, wonder no more! If you have the skills of a sales person, you will do well during the interview because you know how to sell yourself and that's what it will take.

The employer will be looking at you through the lens of sales director. In other words, can you do the job necessary to bring in new clients, keep the ones already in place, and become an enthusiastic and productive player on the company's sales team?

Know the Company

An ability to sell is not the only ingredient necessary to get the interview and then the job. You must also show the hiring manager that you have researched the organization and the products you'll be selling—whether pharmaceuticals, books, computers, shoes, or some sophisticated IT equipment.

Landing sales job interviews will be a lot easier when you know what the employer is looking for and how you can meet that requirement. Put that kind of information in your cover letter and you are more likely to get the interview you desire.

Be Specific

Focus on the examples from your real-life work experience to show the hiring manager what you can do, how you approach customers, enroll them in sales, and then close the sale in a professional way. Provide details. Couch them in a little story that will engage the employer's senses and imagination. You want him or her to picture you on the job bringing in more customers and adding to the company revenue.

Cinch the Deal

Watch for positive signs from the hiring manager—facial expression, eye contact, laughter, and thoughtful poses. That will tell you that he or she is with you during this sales job interview and is probably considering you right then and there for the job you want.

If you talk in vague generalizations you may notice the hiring manager wander and become restless. Make a point right then to bring him or her back to attention by once again sharing a real-life example of how you sold 10,000 books to a customer who claimed he was on the fence, or 100,000 widgets to someone who had turned you down the first time you called on him. The point is to show, not merely tell.