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Tips for Writing a Great Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

Today’s business etiquette requires that every job seeker write a thank you letter after a job interview. However, you don’t want to take this step just because someone tells you to do so or that it’s expected of you. It won’t ring true or sincere if you write without being willing.

Also, you may be reluctant to do this because you lack confidence in your writing skills or you don’t really know what to say other than ‘thank you for the interview.’ Following are some tips you can apply to the task that will make it effective for you and appreciated by the hiring manager you spoke with.

  • Write your thank you letter after job interviews on personal stationery.
  • Open with a sentence that indicates your gratitude for the meeting.
  • Display your interest in the job and that you'd be willing to return to talk further.
  • Refer to a detail you remember from your conversation to show you paid attention.
  • Close by mentioning again your interest in the job and a final 'thank you.'

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is not only common courtesy, it’s also a good business practice. It shows good manners and relationship savvy. When people help us we need to let them know we are grateful for it.

Take Your Letter to the Next Level

Thank you letters after job interviews are also good vehicles for building a bond with the employer you spoke with. Suppose the two of you enjoy a round of golf or you’re both horse enthusiasts or avid dog owners or amateur photographers. Whatever you find that creates a connection between you can help keep your face and your name fresh in the mind of the hiring manager. So don’t miss this opportunity to refer to your common or shared interest.

It Pays to Be Prompt

Another thing to remember is the importance of being prompt. Don't wait a week or month and then dash off a thank you letter after a job interview and expect it to matter. Sure, it is better to be late than never, as the saying goes, but it’s better by far to take care of this within a day of your meeting. Hiring manager see hundreds of people over the course of a year. You will be easily forgotten unless you take action immediately, placing yourself above the crowd by writing your thank you letter after a job interview - right away.