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Try These Amazing Job Interview Secrets

Before a scheduled job interview, conduct a practice job interview. You can do this with a family member, friend, or colleague. Don't risk making a mistake by telling yourself you can 'wing' it. Job seekers who minimize the importance of a job interview, maximize their chances of remaining unemployed! Avoid being one of them.

Use the trial interview to put into practice the three secrets listed below. Talk over the event with your practice partner so he or she will help you stage the interview to be as close to the real scenario as possible.

Jot down the questions you're likely to be asked in the actual interview and give them to your practice interviewer to study. The list should include queries about your job-related experience, your behavior during a crisis, how you resolved a problem with employees or management, and how your personality and attitude play out in the workplace. For example, are you a team player or a leader? Are you defensive or cooperative? Do you prefer to make decisions or to carry them out? Answers to such questions help the hiring manager get a sense of how you may or may not fit the position he or she is seeking to fill.

From Warm-up to Wrap-up

Your practice interviewer should also include a warm-up conversation where idle chitchat occurs helping the interviewer and job candidate get to know each other. In some situations, if this part of the meeting doesn't go well, the interview may be terminated. Therefore, don't take it lightly. During these first few minutes, the employer is assessing you as a person. Next, turn to your skills. Be ready to talk about the opportunities and experiences you had that help you stand out from the crowd. Think about how you resolved a conflict, tried out a new idea, and stepped up to leadership when asked to do so. From the moment you walk into the meeting till the moment you leave the room, the interviewer will be making decisions about whether or not to invite you back for a second interview.

Spotlight on Three Secrets

  • Secret #1: Share your personality, not just your job skills.
  • Secret #2: Provide clear and detailed examples of your job-related accomplishments.
  • Secret #3: Present yourself as a professional by the way you dress, speak, and interact.

If you keep these amazing job interview secrets in mind even during your practice session, then when the real event occurs, you'll be relaxed, clear-headed, and ready with appropriate answers to all questions.