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What to do Immediately After the Job Interview

Doing the things that will make you the best choice for the job is the most important thing you can do after the job interview. Unfortunately, many job candidates do nothing. That's right. Nothing. They are simply relieved to have gotten through the meeting and now all they want to do is go home and kick back until they hear the results.

However, they may never hear a thing. Why? Because they are quickly forgotten in the mounting list of potential employees.

Therefore, after the job interview take time to do what every smart interviewee does.

  • Write a thank you note in your own handwriting to everyone involved in setting up and conducting the interview. Do this right away. The longer you wait, the more quickly you'll fall to the bottom of the pile.
  • Continue learning about the company and how you can best use your talents and gifts if you're hired.
  • Write follow-up notes or e-mails every two weeks or so during the waiting process, including some tid-bit of information about the company that you might see in the newspaper or on the news, and reminding the hiring manager of your ongoing interest in the position and how you can best fill that opening.

Add a Small Gift

You might also enclose a small 'informational' gift - such as an article, phone number and contact name, or a tip - related to a topic you might have discussed or shared in common. Maybe you both enjoy baseball or theatre or travel. People love to meet and talk with like-minded individuals so if you can strike a common chord between you, do so. It can benefit you, as well.

It might take months, at least weeks, before a final hiring decision is made, so stay vigilant during that time. Of course you won't want to give up on other options that may come your way, but if a particular job is the one you really want, don't stand aside and let someone else have it!

Stay in touch with the hiring manager you met, reminding him or her (without being a pest, of course) of who you are and how you believe you can become an asset to the company and in which ways.

If you have ideas for increasing revenue, improving customer service, or handling some communication challenges be sure to include this information in one of your follow up notes after the job interview.