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What to Wear To a Job Interview That Works

You may have a favorite outfit that you love to wear. It makes you feel good about yourself, it's in your color palette, and the fabrics are comfortable. However, when it comes to what to wear to a job interview, that special ensemble may not be appropriate. There is a time and place for various types of clothing so take your time when planning what to wear to job interviews.

Naturally there will be different standards of dress for different companies and work environments. You wouldn’t wear a suit and tie if you worked on an automobile assembly line. Nor would you wear jeans and a t-shirt if you were employed as a bank executive.

Therefore, when planning what to wear to a job interview, consider the company, the job you hope to land, and the style you’ve observed in other employees or gleaned from the literature about the company that you’ve read.

Be Appropriate

This is a key point. Take time to consider the impression you want to make. Dress one notch above what might be called for on the job itself. For example, perhaps the going standard is business casual. In that case, come to the interview in a suit and tie for men and a dress pants suit or skirt and blouse and jacket for women. You may skip the tie when you get the position since other men in the company don’t wear ties, but it will make a good impression during the interview if you appear in professional attire.

When you arrive for the interview the hiring manager may even invite you to remove your coat, especially on a warm day, letting you know that formality of dress is not expected. In that case, you can relax your standard too. But at least you showed up looking professional and committed to the business at hand.

Some Exceptions

There are some work environments where artistic and casual dress is appropriate. In an art or graphics department, for example, employees may wear jeans or other informal wear that are in keeping with their personality and individual flair. In that case, you can feel confident showing up in neat, colorful casual clothing that is still suitable for a job interview.

Don’t worry, however, if you misstep. No problem. The most important aspect of any job interview is your ability to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the position you’re seeking and your skills in carrying out the duties.