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Write a Great Thank You Letter After a Job Interview

You might wonder about the difference between a thank you letter after a job interview and a GREAT thank you letter after a job interview. Both have one thing in common - saying thank you for the interview. But that's where they part ways.

A great letter goes a little further. It gives you an advantage over other job seekers by adding a personal element and a little 'gift.' We're not talking about bribery here. The point is to be friendly and kind and to demonstrate some of the qualities that an interviewer would want to see in the people he or she hires. For example, you can mention some detail that's related to the conversation the two of you had. Maybe you shared an interest in football or theater or deep sea diving. It would be thoughtful to refer to that in your thank you letter after a job interview to show the hiring manager that you pay attention to details and remember them—another good trait for any employee to have.

Include an Informational Gift

Add to the letter an article, contact for a person you know who can be helpful to the interviewer in some way, a tip, a joke, an address or email and so on. In other words, provide a simple token of gratitude that also becomes a gift to the hiring manager.

Imagine what a nice surprise it would be to open a letter and find a little something extra to brighten your day. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Easy to Remember

When you come right down to it, a personal, handwritten, and signed thank you letter for a job interview lifts your name above the names of other job candidates from the start. Why? Because so many people leave the room and then sit by waiting to be called back or even hired. They forget their manners!

But it's to your advantage to think about the other person, and in so doing you are taking care of yourself too. It is always in good taste to write a thank you letter after a job interview immediately following the interview. Not only will you be remembered, but also your name will remain in the mind of the interviewer even when he or she is meeting with other people.

So give yourself the best possible chance of being recalled when the next round of interviews is set up. And you can insure that happens by adding an informational gift mentioned above and a sentence or two that reminds the hiring manager that you are still interested in filling the opening in his or her company and would be happy to return for a second interview.