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Write a Winning Job Interview Thank You Note

You may wonder how a job interview thank you note can 'win' anything. It's simply a way of expressing your appreciation for the interview, isn't it? Yes and no! Yes it is a way of showing your gratitude and it’s the polite and correct thing to do. And no, because it’s so much more than that. A job interview thank you note can actually win you a second interview. When you take time to display your thanks for the time the hiring manager took to speak with you, you are establishing yourself as a kind and thoughtful person who paid attention to the importance of being granted an interview.

In addition to basic courtesy, a job interview thank you note also displays proper business protocol and savvy. This simple action draws attention to your thoughtfulness, organizational abilities, and your prompt response to an action taken in your favor.

More Than a Note

A job interview thank you note also provides another opportunity to let the hiring manager know that you are still interested in the job and are willing to return for a second interview if he or she wants to meet with you again. You might also mention some detail you recall speaking about during the interview or share something you might have forgotten when you were there in person. For example, suppose you were so focused on answering the questions that you neglected to point out an award you won for outstanding performance during a company crisis. Don’t worry that you’ll sound like a braggart. You can state it in such a way that the hiring manager will count this in your favor. Remember, companies are always in need of people who can rise to the occasion and come through. And if you can relate this experience to something the interviewer talked about regarding his company, so much the better.

A Special Notation

One job seeker, following an interview for an executive position with a particular company, noticed an article in a local newspaper that pointed out that the same company had just landed a high-paying government contract. He cut out the article and enclosed it with his thank you note. The hiring manager wrote back immediately thanking him for the thoughtful gesture. This is the type of action that will stamp your name and face into the mind of the employer and help move your closer to that new job.

So never assume that a thank you note is a mere formality. It is so much more than that. It is expression of your personality, your character, your integrity, and your awareness of life around you. These are the kind of people employers are looking for. Be there when they are looking.